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Freezer Daemons

sleepy Min PinThis week Danny discovered that there’s a trick to searching our freezers. If you forage in one you need to know the possible spaces in the other for the bits that you can’t cram back.

Hunting for chicken soup in the barn freezer Danny was introduced to the Freezer Daemon. The invisible one that hops in when you have pulled several layers out and are moving into real Alaskan territory. If he had found the soup he might have had a fighting chance.

I suspect that the Freezer Daemon is in cahoots with the Min Pins. Following the failed foray, they feasted on a tray of canapes.

The next day, insulated gloves were pulled on and D ventured into the freezer in the larder. This is the easier freezer to negotiate as it has drawers. During his elongated freezer exploration, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t mentioned that small nimble movements are advisable when approaching the indoor freezer. She doesn’t respond well to swashbuckling and small frozen objects fall quietly behind the drawers and you can’t get the drawers back in. This can be a krypton factor to an untrained novice.

Since then I haven’t dared admit that I just hoped that there was chicken soup in one of the freezers.

Meanwhile the Min Pins looked very well fed when they came up to visit me this evening.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Amanda,

    Inca loves the human dog basket.

  2. Gorgeous pic!

  3. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Pat,

    We dream of a frost free freezer… meanwhile we vow every time that we defrost them that we will defrost every couple of months (some hope). Couldn’t live without them, though.

  4. Ohhhhhhh Fiona, sounds like our freezers here…. Our garage one is waiting on me to defrost it as I do this once a year and it is past due. I did the inside one over the summer and made myself a promise to start using things up…. well it is still crammed packed. Wouldn’t have room in either for soup. Hope you feel better soon!!! Nothing like a good bowl of soup to get you going again though.

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