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Healthy eating appliances


Photo: Brocolli and greenhouse

Photo: Brocolli and greenhouse

An email flew into my inbox this morning from Amazon. Its title puzzled me – “Healthy Eating Appliances” – what did that mean? Teeny weeny knife, fork and spoon sets so we can’t take big wolfish bites? A rowing machine that powers a small fan for cooling food the healthy way? Or could it be something much more basic such as a spade in these grow your own times.

Intrigued I opened the email and discovered that healthy eating appliances are things like slow cookers, juicers and the  Coopers Halogen Oven. What on earth is that? I  clicked on the link to see.

This is a tiny oven that cooks food up to 60% faster using less electricity than a conventional oven. And it’s just £39.99. Unlike a microwave it browns and roasts. It even cleans itself. Being the owner of a large electricity greedy fan oven I am very tempted to invest in one of these as we could save pounds on our electricity bills. Further investigation revealed that you need a set of  accessories for your halogen oven to get the best out of your halogen oven. So this deluxe one on offer with £40.00 worth of free accessories looks like a really good deal – Andrew James 12 litre Premium Halogen Oven Cooker.

Have you tried one of these ovens? Do you reckon that they are worth the investment?

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hello Red

    We are delighted with ours too. The cooking process seems much simpler with far less faffing around.

    I have been experimenting with ours and slightly higher temperatures make a big difference on the length of cooking time.

    Good to hear that it’s a success with you!

  2. Well, our halogen passed with flying colours. Incredibly easy to use, our first meal was delicious roast chicken (with lemon and garlic) roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips. Can’t wait to try out a host of other stuff.
    We invested in a recipe book because the instruction booklet received a slating (on Amazon). It was worth the few extra pounds for peace of mind – the instruction booklet is inconsistent and filled with errors. However, I suspect with a healthy trial and error approach, the oven will be as simple to get used to as your own oven.
    So thanks very much for the tip off! 😉

  3. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Wendy

    I will be reviewing our hallogen oven this week. So far Andrew has cooked two full English breakfasts to perfection. Tonight he’ll be takling roast duck and all the trimmings. So far I’m very impressed.

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