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The cheese that led me astray


Wrapped and tempting

Wrapped and tempting

I never thought that I would be seduced by a cheese. But I’ve had to come upstairs as sitting in the kitchen is driving me nuts.

Our friends Jocelyn and Miles have just come back from France and dropped off a large slab of Brie de Meaux at the cottage. Brie de Meaux doesn’t travel very well and has to be eaten quickly before the flavour neutralises. I’ve searched for Brie de Meaux in England but when I’ve found one it’s not a patch on the fresh stuff, chauffeured lovingly straight from France in a private car.

In the knowledge that this treat was arriving I had cleared and dug over a big border in the kitchen garden, whilst Inca whinged on the grass path in between trying to eat her way through the fence into Anne Mary’s garden. She always wants to come into the garden with me but then decides that it’s just too boring.
“She’s not even hunting with me for rats. Just throwing weeds at me.”

Eventually she returned indoors so that she could herald the arrival of The Cheese. The smell of it as I carefully unwrapped the French waxed paper was superb. Then it was a rush to grab a cracker, cut the first succulent slice and munch. I rushed a sample up to Danny in The Rat Room and then grabbed another cracker and carried on. After three crackers adorned with Brie de Meaux, I wrapped up the cheese and put it in the cool part of the kitchen.

Tempting me to play

Tempting me to play

Within seconds the aroma became irresistible once again.

After tucking into five crackers and cheese, I’m up in the cool climes of the bedroom on my laptop. Confessing my greed to the world. Thank you Jocelyn and Miles – you made my day and increased my waistline!

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  1. I’m drooling!! I am a cheesaholic! xxxx

  2. My favourite too, especially when it is running out of the packaging!
    Don’t feel guilty on any count.. it is not illegal to bring in meat or dairy products from another country in the EU.
    Grab a bottle of your fave wine and go for it… a bit more gardening will work off the excess!

  3. Oh good Lord- grab a glass of nice wine and eat the whole thing in one sitting, slowly, and enjoy it!

    I would.

  4. As you are sure to already know its illegal now to bring certain foods including cheese back into our country due to all sorts of rubbish like threat of foot and mouth and bugs blar blar blar so I strongly urge you and Danny to have an all night cheese eating session to destroy the evidence 😉

  5. Sheelagh

    Ah simple food is sometimes the tastiest! Looks so ripe and perfect, you might like Robuchon or a Cashel Blue either. Easy to source & yummy in a potato gratin. 🙂

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