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The mystery Christmas card


Photo: Mystery Christmas card

Photo: Mystery Christmas card

It happens every year. We are sent a Christmas card and cannot decipher the signature. I did it myself one year and everyone wondered who Frank was.

A mystery card arrived yesterday.  We started to look for clues.
“This is an older person’s hand writing.”
“Yes definitely a hand that has written Christmas cards for years.”
“It’s a charity card for Parkinson’s Disease – not a fashionable charity. So a kind person.”
Then we examined the picture on the card. Who do we know who would choose that sort of card?

We had no idea who had signed this card.
“It’s a J.”
We know a Jo and a Jocelyn but it’s not their handwriting.
“Perhaps it’s a D?”
Sadly our old friend David died last year.

We’ve had quite a tough year and have lost touch with so many old friends.

So we kept the card on the kitchen table waiting for inspiration. It was only when I stared at the card through the eye of the camera all was revealed. The name is Jack of course. The retired dentist who grows the best tomatoes and is one of the funniest and gentlest people that we know.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Z

    Yes of course we did!

    Hi S.o.L.

    I always leave our cards to the last possible moment. I spent yesterday in bed beside the address book and a huge pile of cards.

    I find the hardest thing to write is the round robin letter but once that’s done the process is quite quick.

    Hi Jackie

    Great comment 🙂

    Hello Kate UK

    I roared with laughter at the postcard from Ausralia. Thanks for brightening my day!

  2. kate (uk)

    Every year we get one, addressed to our address, but for people who have never lived here. The sender is always effusive in their greetings and full of news of their year, clearly thinks they are really good chums- but not good enough chums to have their correct address. I shall be very disappointed if they don’t send one this year.I think they shall, after all, we got the holiday postcard in the Summer ( Australia, if you are wondering: they had a great time and Jesus was by their side throughout ).
    Mystery cards- I have three so far this year- used to be so much easier in the days of local postal franking, now letters are sent to huge sorting offices so the postmark is useless for detecting purposes.

  3. Fab. Now if you can tell me which ‘Ann’ sent us the mystery card last year, I’d be chuffed.

  4. that is so funny. Christmas cards (if sent at all) are sent to family.

    Dont shout at me or roll your eyes, but I now have a mail merge set up in word, with eeveryones address etc. I do a small letter,and the printer does both the letters and the card.

    I just sign the bottom of a gazzillion cards

    lots of love SOL and PB.

    Fold the letter stuff envelope stick address label to the front.

    Sick and sad. I hate sending cards.

    Although I had a particulary sad card from a very special lady who taught me a few things about life, mentored if you like. I must send her a hand written letter….

  5. Hope you’d sent one to him…

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