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The Royal Wedding

Tulips Angelique

Tulips Angelique

I was planning to give the Royal Wedding a miss – I was delighted that Prince William had found someone that he clearly loves and trusts. But to sit glued to the telly for the morning – nah!

I woke early for me – couldn’t resist a peek at 8.30 and from then on I was hooked.

Rather scary looking guests in hats and fascinators were intriguing. Some people I recognised some were just interesting to watch. Adjusting their suits and hair. Knowing that they were going to be on telly and not realising that they were already being displayed on TV screens in every continent across the world.

The folding seats looked hugely uncomfortable. Especially for the slimmer guests. Bones rubbing against metal for hours. No wonder so many people were standing beside the seats.

As I’d tuned in so early, I watched quite a few interesting interviews and wondered whether Archbishop Rowan Williams – interviewed the day before – was going to have a haircut.

I was viewing the build-up on my laptop. In bed with the Min Pins (hinting for breakfast) whilst the pugs snored below. I stayed in bed until William and Kate hopped into the landau for the trip back to the palace.

What struck me most about this wedding was that, despite all the pomp and razzmatazz, the marriage ceremony was intimate and touching.  A well matched couple – clearly deeply in love.
It brought a tear to my eye and made me feel very proud to be British.

The monarchy needed someone like Kate to join their ranks. Intelligent, kind and beautiful. Apart from William, I wonder if they realise quite how lucky they are.

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  1. Megan

    Oh right, the wedding. It was a very calm wedding considering…I couldn’t drag myself away either.

  2. Joanna

    Glad I’m not the only one who ended up watching it after all. It was a lovely day and she did look fantastic, very dignified

  3. Megan

    Thanks for a great blog! I have just discovered it and look forward to a bit of browsing. I have just finnished a batch of apple chutney (though I wish I had used your recipe) and will start on a green tomatoe relish soon. It’s autumn here and time for this type of cooking. Every time I go to dad’s he gives me a big bag of green tomatoes. It’s been a short growing season this year.

  4. I was only planning to watch the ceremony however my mother who is staying with me at the moment had other ideas and the pair of us were glued from 8.30 til they disappeared into the Palace, then a short break to have a cup of tea and a sandwich before returning for the balcony scene. Loved every minute of it. Loved Kate’s dress and her sister’s but there were surely some women there who had not looked in the mirror before they left!!

  5. I too wasn’t going to watch it, but loved every minute of it. It was so dignified and Kate was so beautiful. I think she will be a real asset to the Royals. They make a lovely couple who seem to be genuinely in love.

  6. It was beautiful and brought tears to our eyes. It’s been a long time. Hope you are all well. xx

  7. I did watch it and loved it. Hubby despatched himself to a ‘Royal Wedding’ free zone somewhere in Ely so I was left in peace! One of my daughters lives in Gabon and watched it on the TV there. It was broadcast by French TV and apparently they (the French) were going mad for it! Union Jacks et al. Strange for a country that couldn’t wait to get rid of their Royalty. Everybody loves a good wedding it seems.

  8. Juanita

    I loved the fanfare…literally….the medieval trumpeters were grand.

    The resonance of all those people singing “Jerusalem” in the Abbey must have been awesome!

  9. Ronnie Tyler

    It’s interesting how many people who were adamant they were not going to watch slowly became hooked. It did suck us in. It was a wonderful day and the music in the Abbey was rousing. I watched it with my Mum and Daughter #2, then wrote about my day and posted it to my blog. Its great reading everyone’s take on the day.


  10. Like you, I didn’t plan to watch it all but got drawn in and loved it!

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